What should harmonica players do when they are not improvising? How do you accompany other musicians? And what are the general elements of music that propel one’s improvisation anyway? This material looks at some great bits played by horn sections over blues tunes (accessible on Youtube or other Music Apps) and uses them to teach and demonstrate voice-leading and rhythm. Incidentally, these are the two most crucial musical elements of improvisation and music in general. The e-book provides valuable information for all levels of players but pre-intermediate and intermediate players will benefit the most. It contains 50 exercises to improve students’ basic rhythm and voice-leading skills. Most exercises are in the form of the 2nd position twelve-bar blues, some require 3rd position playing and they are written both in notes and harp tabs. Bends are required but overbends are not necessary for the core part of the material. If you get tired of playing in the second position you are welcome to branch out using the appendix, which has an additional 40 pages with the same exercises in several other positions.

 For 18.99€ you will practice target notes, voice leading, different rhythms; learn blues melodies, transcribed horn lines, and basic rhythm readingget to know different positions and tongue-split intervals that can be used to strengthen your lines.

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